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    A new year, a new blog!

    Exactly 10 years ago, I deleted my blog. It wasn’t by choice, but rather by necessity. You see I was interviewing at several companies and the one I was hoping to work for decided to do their homework on me. They found my blog, read it, and because of that they decided not to give me the job.

    What can be so damning you say, that I could post on the internet and would prevent me from getting a job? Well to my surprise, it was my love of travel. I had been posting about my nomadic lifestyle and various goals and they believed that it was counter intuitive to getting a “real” job and settling down.

    I was saddened by their decision, but at the time it made sense. We weren’t quite in a time where working remotely was commonplace. It was not possible to travel the world, AND work hard.

    Well 10 years have passed, and so much has changed. I found the love of my life, got married, had children, and found a career that not only embraces remote workers, but allows me to travel as part of my job.

    I work for a large software company in their field enablement organization. I get to travel the world to help prepare our workforce for their roles and to ensure they are up to date with any knowledge they need. In the past few years I’ve gotten to visit Macau, Australia, Singapore, London, Canada, all for work!

    So now that there’s nothing holding me back – here’s to 2019! A year where I will start writing again, with no fear. See you soon!